Friday, March 5, 2010

Customized Munny Show at RobotLove

my last munny bit of the week. this past april of 09, i was a part of a show called "In the Heart of My Retro Future" in Minneapolis, MN. the show was consisted of lots of customized munnys, including mine and tim's. it was a challenge to create them sturdy enough to ship over to MN, but they got there and back, both in one piece. mine was okay, but unfortunately the part i love, my favorite (the back) wasn't visible in the show. and tim's was fantastic (scarecrow in 2nd picture). it was a fun show and we wish we could've been able to take the trip over to minneapolis to see it in person. it was exciting to be a part of

but there's no doubt about it. lardsicle is my current favorite "munnyworld" figure today, but i'm sure that will change once i make the many more i have working in my mind. whenever that might be

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