Wednesday, March 17, 2010

happy st patrick's!

happy st patrick's day! i just did a quick colored pencil sketch, in my black sketchbook since i was craving it after yesterday's post. i think it is hilarious, but i have this problem where i think everything i do is funny when it's really not. when i was younger, i could never find a 4 leaf clover and it always made me really angry, so i always used to, and i'm sure i'm not the only one, grab a 3 leaf and split one leaf to make it 4 leaves. i pretended and got excited as if it were an actual 4 leaf if no one would notice. kids are dumb. so in my drawing all the little 3 leaf clovers are totally psyched that Mr. Lucksley was picked, while Angry Fraud stands alone. blinded by jealousy and pissed off.

update! 2:12 pm. i finished this real late last night but was too lazy to upload until now. here's my leprechaun 1EG ! again on black paper. love those colors on the black...

enjoy your st patrick's day!

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