Tuesday, June 29, 2010

mr. grubtini process

you've seen the clay process of mr grubtini, now here's part of the painting process. painted him in pieces.  the vest i painted last, and i originally painted it with an orange bowtie, pinstripes, pockets, and buttons.  i finished, snapped on the head and arms and was utterly disappointed.  i had spent a huge amount of time on the vest so i flat out refused to redo it and felt ungodly upset. that lasted about 15 minutes before i started painting again. tried pink and loved it

all painted pre-accessories
 all painted, with accessories!

i was going to post the process before the result but i got too excited and posted him first.  i entered the munny contest ("like" mine!), and to my disappointment, my entry pictures cut off his feet/tail.  trying to fix it. i'm pretty psyched to have my munny looked at by the celebrity judges panel... even more excited for my second munny (still in progress). i don't know if mine fits into any categories to win, but i'm still of course going into this hoping to win, but not even remotely expecting to. there are some pretty fabulous entries. however, in my mind, he's the best. but how could he not be to me, knowing all the time, energy, and passion put into it. to prefer someone else's is seriously like pushing out your first newborn and wanting to take home your neighbor's baby.  

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