Friday, April 29, 2011

awkwards anonymous

i wanted to start making my friday posts dedicated to all the idiotic, hilarious, or awkward things people comment on about my disability, you know, since i get it at least once a week... but i haven't had the time to collect my thoughts enough..

a classic is when someone comes into a room and the first thing they notice is the chair, they don't do a thing to hide the shock. i recently got the surprised face from a man, followed by an "uh-oh that doesn't look good."  it doesn't?

next was kind of adorable. a 5th grader at my school, a really intelligent and thoughtful girl, asked me, "are your legs feeling better?" i  keep thinking i'm getting better at these interactions, by preparing generic answers, but they keep catching me so offguard with more and more new comments and questions that my pre-planned response is thrown out the window and become at a loss for what to say. she then asked when i was going to be out of the chair. i love when the kids ask these things, even though it's when i feel most awakrd of all. i think it is good for them to be exposed to my kind at a young age. yeah, i said it, my kind.

you would think after 10+ years and countless remarks from people, i'd have some witty comebacks to make for a less awkward situation for myself. i don't. my real disability is my social awkwardness. it's a serious condition with no cure. it's a burden that both my loved ones and i have to live with for the rest of our lives. i'm going to start a counseling group for others with my same disease. awkwards anonymous.

(i don't know what those images are from, i got them from google images. is that allowed? stupid copyright crap rules that i don't understand....)

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