Monday, July 18, 2011

AAN 2011

art all night was a fun success this year.  we volunteered during busy time at 9pm-12am, and it was fully packed. it was a blast seeing and catching up with tons of people i rarely or never see, and also meeting new people. my favorites new friends were the ones who liked my art.  my piece got some good feedback, which is always a plus.  i try to act less excited about compliments than i am. i am always ecstatic.
my 3D painting of a victorian 1EG sold quickly that day, to a very nice man who i luckily got to have a chat with later in the night. ecstatic.

here's a bunch of work by random artists, except the "not a beanstalk" (the green beenstalk-looking one) that tim roselle sold. ecstatic.

some more randomies. my mommabear's daisy is in the top left corner, though she had chose not to sell it since she did such a lovely job on it that it goes so prettifully perfect in her living room.

art all night shortly past 12 am. it was far more packed shortly before this, but fun all the same. you can see how huge this wearhouse is and unless you were there, you can only imagine how many different artists submitted and imagine the contrast between that many different pieces of art. so much variety. that's what makes it fun. i'm tired so i don't know how much sense is happening beneath my fingertips.

 join us for another crazy year next year!

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