Thursday, July 14, 2011

tym nutcracker

this is how far behind i am... i am just now posting this nutcracker i made back in december for a christmas present.

i've made far too many pieces of tim, for tim, but he loves himself more than i do so i think he's okay with it.  i had the idea to make a custom nutcracker for him and figured it would be amusing and appropriate for the holiday.  i really wanted to have a photo of him side by side with his little nutcracker self for fun comparison, but he's a pain. just a side note, he wears this robot shirt (constantly), shorts (constantly), and the black hat with 3 buttons (constantly).

my quick (lazy) rendition of his donatello and brain slug tattoos

my choice of buttons: 3e love (i have to remind him that he loves me, by forcing disability awareness onto him), laughing boy comics (hilarious strips), and big d (one of his favorite bands and common button choice)

if you're wondering what that blotch is in his hair, tim has a white spot. i guess it's a birthmark, but that one circular spot is and always has been white in his hair. people think he does it on purpose, like some weirdo cool, hip statement or something.

the infamous robot shirt and tattoos

whether or not you know tim, it's still a fun little thing to share. i probably shouldn't admit this, but the night i finished painting him, he was just standing alone on my desk, at probably 3 or 4 in the morning. i don't know why (i assume i was watching some horrible b-movie horror flicks that scare me when they shouldn't) but i was staring at him in my dead silent art room, with his creepy nutcracker face. i have irrational childish fears, and i legitimately feared him coming to life and murdering me. i don't know why, he just creeped me out beyond explanation. when i laid my eyes on his crazy little face the next day, i had no idea what i was thinking. so i'm crazy, but it was late and i was tired and watch too many horror movies. you'll be happy to know i no longer fear him.

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