Friday, July 15, 2011

my greedy winnings

it's been long enough to get over it, but i'm my excitement is never going to die for my big double win from the most recent munnyworld megacontest. in fact, i has been brought back to the top of my mind when i received my unexpectedly large amount of prizes. please don't take this as my bragging-- i am genuinely really excited to share with the world, and even moreso anxious to put these prizes to good use.

(although i do enjoy bragging to tim and watch his dreams crushed. someone's got to keep him on his toes.)

my foomi win was especially exciting, as chosen by MAD (popular toy designer/artist). i have much respect for him and his work, and he's one of tim's favorites, so we have a nice big(ish) collection of his work in our place.
i believe i mentioned previously that my raffy was chosen by erykah badu, a famous or popular singer of sorts? which is cool.
 so much! huge boxes, full of goodies, all for me. 2 megamunnys which are 20" each.

plus 17 mini figures ready for customizing 

 one of my baby 20" MEGAMUNNY standing lone, tall and proud on our pantry. yesssss

as part of the win, i was also informed i'd be hearing more about a custom show possibly involving a 18" dunny, so keep an eye out for that. sounds unbelievable and amazing. i am like a giddy little school girl.

basically, if anyone notices i have been slacking off and not whipping out at least some new customs each month, just send me over to this post as a kick in the ass to remind myself of how lucky i am to have been given such a wonderful opportunity to get my customs flowing on a more constant basis. no excuses when there's so many blank toys just dying to come to life!

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