Friday, July 22, 2011

rockets, robots, and ray guns

 the autumn society's "rockets, robots, and ray guns" opened july 1 at toothless cat/jinxed gallery in northern liberties (philadelphia), my favorite area of philly. the piazza is adorable and a perfect place to view and share art, and to watch a gigantic screen of sports or movies or whatever they're playing. the show was curated by the very talented paul palcko, who i finally got the chance to meet and chat with after sharing the walls for a bunch of past shows. there were over 30 pieces of art by local and national artists, and...  "The Autumn Society will visually explore the sudden invasion of these machines into Earth culture. The Toothless Cat/ Jinxed in Philadelphia will be host the explosion event...

my piece was a 3D painting of a cyborg in space, read about it here. sure my gallery photo has a highly distracting glare, but you can just safely assume it looked awesome.

i wish i took more pictures of all the cool pieces, but here's just a few!
other art and tim roselle's cute robot sculpture

thank you paul, jinxed gallery, and the autumn society!

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