Monday, August 1, 2011

1950's ax murderer

CHOGRIN PRESENTS: MONSTER CREEPS, an art show & tribute to the films by Fred Dekker (Night of the Creeps / Monster Squad), featuring art from members of the Autumn Society & other special guests!

monster flicks from the 80's are pretty much the greatest of all time, so being invited to participate in the MONSTER CREEPS show is super exciting. i have no idea how this is even possible, but i didn't grow up on monster squad the way i should have. it should have been on my "love" list with all the other classics. i'm ashamed of myself (or should i blame my parents?) but they are both amazing movies and i chose to illustrate night of the creeps, which i only saw for the first time maybe about a year ago. i'm sure most of the tributes (maybe?) are for the more popular monster squad, so i gave some love to the awfully awesome 1986 zombie movie. chogrin suggested i do a cool 3D painting of the opening scene with the ax murderer in the classic 1950's black and white, and after rewatching the movie, i couldn't resist. i wish i could go out to california to see the one-night show, and meet the writer/director Fred Dekker. new jersey, always holding me back!

here are the layers to my painting, with glass layer raised 1/4 inch above the background: 

on glass: ax murderer about to strike the worried unsuspecting lady victim (whose boyfriend just wandered off to check out a loud noise... or something like that)
background: the look-out-point (lover's lane? make-out point?) complete with alien comet coming to invade earth (by having brain parasites enter through human mouths, turning them into zombies)

sure this was just a minor part of the movie, but it made for a creeptastic awesome painting.

FEATURING: An appearance & signing by writer & director Fred Dekker

WHEN: Saturday, August 6th (8pm-10pm)

WHERE: Dark Delicacies ( / 3512 W. Magnolia, Burbank, CA 91505 )

SPECIAL SCREENING: A special screening of Monster Squad will be held at the Banshee theater (limited seating) featuring a special Q&A with /FILM's Germain Lussier & Fred Dekker ( / 3435 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank 91505 )

ART: View the art featured in the show (updated weekly)

MORE ABOUT: Read on how this show came to be

SPONSORED BY: Stange Kids Club ( / Fright Rags ( / Dead of Night Radio (deadofnightradio.blogspot​.com) / The Autumn Society (

ABOUT CHOGRIN: Chogrin ( is an illustrator, gallery curator, and a co-founder of the Autumn Society. Chogrin's art is a fusion of retro american & Japanese cartoons with a sucker punch! Chogrin has produced and curated art shows like The 3G Show, The 3B Show, and most recently Shell Shock (a Ninja Turtles Tribute). He currently works on the hit animated TV show, Adventure Time, on the Cartoon Network. If you dare, you can contact / follow Chogrin @ /

Poster & "Monster Creeps" banner by Justin Gray (

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