Wednesday, August 24, 2011

earthquake on the east coast

i know that all the rage is talking about the unexpected earthquake that happened yesterday, and i know that we've all heard more than enough about it... but i'd like to document my own experience, solely for myself, since i know that i will undoubtedly fully forget about it less than a week from now (not to mention that it was also my first quakey ever.)  i was home alone in my tiny, little bathroom when my walls, paintings, shower chair, etc started shaking. i thought i was just randomly feeling dizzy and disoriented, as that actually does happen from time to time. i naively thought there may be something going on only outside my apartment complex, while considering but absolutely ruling out the idea that it was an earthquake.  it was a nice day so our windows were open, and after i rushed out of the bathroom, i listened for my normally loud, obnoxious neighbors to see if they experienced it as well. they did and after my phone refused to call or text anyone, i knew something had actually happened and that i wasn't crazy. did i mention i hate being alone? weird day.

this is the painting hanging in our bathroom that i watched swaying back and forth for what felt like much longer than it actually was. this painting (a painting i did for timmy based on an old drawing of mine he liked) is the reason i knew i wasn't making it up or about to pass out. i never cared so much for this piece, but i assume i'll always associate it with the first earthquake i've had the "pleasure" of experiencing.

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