Thursday, August 25, 2011

shell-shock coverage

some autumn society SHELL-SHOCK coverage from this past june, including images of the pieces and interviews by the artists, including little old reluctant me. we all know i hate speaking. you're only allowed to watch this video if you promise not to mock my awkward nervousness that makes me sound like a complete airhead or that weird eye-rolly thing i do. i should be banned from being on camera. but it's a great fun coverage, so take a looky.

follow this link for the video:

thank you to stephanie yuhas and for a job well done


  1. I came here because of cinemassacre! :)
    I really liked your art and your interview was great! I didn't even notice any "eye-rolly" thing lol
    You were the funniest and the cutest girl on the interview video, too! So, great job and keep up your awesome art!

  2. awesome! cinemassacre is fantastic. and thank you, i get embarrassed on video so i have to make fun of myself before anyone else can haha