Wednesday, August 31, 2011

hammy mcChum

meet my latest creation, hammy mcChum.  i've had this idea for ages and recently felt motivated to get one started: customize a figure into a great white shark, using real-life shark teeth. i did stab myself with the shark little teeth plenty of times, but i absolutely love the contrast between the real teeth and the painted clay. i couldn't have been happier with the outcome, seeing as i didn't even know if it would work at all. this is just the start of using real animal accents on my figures. so many ideas, so little time.

unfortunately for me, i predicted my sister (hunter of sharks teeth) would see hammy and "claim" him and i'd lose my new favorite figure. instead of putting myself through the pain, i stayed unattached as i worked on it, and mentally prepared myself to give it to her for her birthday (although it broke my heart into a million pieces to give him away.) best present ever.

sometimes i love my figures pre-paint as much as i love them all painted and finished.

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