Monday, August 29, 2011

hurricane adventures

saturday night, at 2 AM, our power went out.. which just happened to be perfect timing as i just finished watching a movie, commented on how loud the wind was as our curtains were puffing out despite our windows being closed, and literally the moment i opened the front door to check out the storm, everything went black. the following sketches are my documentation of the remainder of the night. tim only let me light one candle, so i couldn't see.. and i might have had a few drinks to relieve my anxiety..  so don't judge me on my power outage sketches.

the "blackout" night mostly consisted of unnaturally gassy tim pacing around with nothing to do, sitting and staring out our open back door at the insanely loud and world-ending wind blowing the trees over, (with a walkway we share with neighbors) where one of our friendly neighbors walked by in the pitch black and we happily said "hello" while she grunted and kept walking. i love our neighbors.

the fact that i took the time to share these sketches is a little sad. but it was a fun black-out for us and i wanted to draw/document it since i had literally nothing else to do, except sleep and what fun would that have been?

i strongly suggest all to read tim's amazing documentation after the jump:

power out. supplies running low. all access to the outside world is cut off. not sure when or if the sun will come back. jan 23rd 1:23am

food is out. kasey didnt make it. had to let the wild dogs have her. trying to make alliances with the locals. feb 19th 3:56pm

locals have taken me in & fed me from the broken snack machine. all they had was dark choco snickers. worst snickers of all. may 32nd 943am

mutant zombie hybrid dog kasey came back. had to put her down. again. wasnt easy cuz she could use all her legs this time. mar 4th. 512am

locals have turned on me. had to lock myself back in apt. still no signs of help.just me and my turtle now. oct 6 445am

power is much blood......had no idea it was this bad. july 23 715pm

power is off again. pseg is playing mind games trying to break me. might work if not for my shadow puppet theator. june 26 1004pm

they got 2 my turtle. bastards. had 2 put him down will smith style. not sure how much longer i can take this. hope i wake tmrw sept 8 217am

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