Sunday, June 3, 2012

doctor poingeckster and flamingor

meet doctor poingeckster and flamingor! my mad scientist gecko with his over-sized assistant are getting ready to take over the world.  you wouldn't believe the kinds of crazy experiments they've got going on. 

i admit i'm kind of proud of this one, i loved making to all come together, despite the issue of feeling a bit rushed. i used one of the new 7" foomi figures from kidrobot to make this dynamic duo.  i thought the foomi head resembled the body and feathers of a flamingo, so the head turned into the butt, while the body (which i added a beak and some eyes) turned into the head. with much effort and a solid cement base, i finally got it to stand up on its own, at about 17-18 inches tall!  

flamingor's eyes were added onto the bottom of the feet of the foomi's body. the goggles fit perfectly around them:

i like being able to notice the shape of the foomi head and imagine it as it's supposed to be seen (head) in comparison to what i've turned it into (butt):

yeah, science!!!

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  1. Amazing! It was difficult at first to figure out where pieces of the original figure were used in this.