Wednesday, June 27, 2012


i leave TODAY for my favorite city, SAN FRANCISCO! 
i may be gone for 2 weeks, but i have taken the time to write some posts in advance. i will still have computer and internet access, so i'll do what i can to update with any art i create on my journeys or travel tips (mostly for the disabled).

i am flying away from home to my favorite california boy, to some of my favorite family and home friends, for two whole weeks. but it's not all fun and games. sadly, i have no choice but to leave the love of my life at home. my dearest, thoughtful friend decided to help me through this rough time in my life by creating a little miniature version of her.  i can not stop laughing at it.  thank you bill hewitt. you are a riot.

wish my luck on my SECOND journey flying across the country alone (still with that whole disability thing in the way. read past posts about concerns and solutions here)

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