Tuesday, June 5, 2012

tony "sleepin' wit da fishes" walrini

meet tony "sleepin' wit da fishes" walrini. 
tony is one tough gangster walrus. 
he will kill you.

i was trying to come up with an idea using kidrobot's trikky figure. i finally thought to flip the head upside down and turn the ears into tusks.  i had no idea if it would work or how it would look, but i gave it a shot. once i finished the head, i had to figure out how to give the 2-legged body a walrus feel to it. i added some flippers coming from the front, while on his backside i filled in the gap between his legs leading to his little tail.   i love the challenge of using these platforms in different, nontraditional ways. 

attaching his hat and whiskers seemed to be the most difficult part of this one. those whiskers were almost the death of me..

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