Tuesday, June 19, 2012

sir fennec foxington

SIR FENNEC FOXINGTON!  is he not the cutest fennec fox of all time? i created sir fennec for the Wildlife Learning Center Art Show Fundraiser, this saturday! each artist picked an animal from the center to create a piece of art of. wish i would be there! details below:

You are invited to a very special fundraiser art show in collaboration with the Wildlife Learning Center ( & the Autumn Society (

The art show will premiere on Saturday, June 23rd (5pm-7:45pm)
The show will take place at the Center:


All Proceeds will go toward the feeding & care of the animals at the center.

Artists of the Autumn Society and other special guest artists illustrate, paint, and sculpt various animal species that belong exclusively to the Center.

Learn more about the center, its mission, and of course about the animals in the websites below:

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