Monday, June 18, 2012

glad rags

here's my latest piece! i made this for ART ALL NIGHT this past saturday-sunday. 24 hours of art and music. it sounds a little juvenile, but my main goal was to make a really "pretty" piece. maybe classy. this one-eyed girl is influenced on 1920's flappers. i very much enjoyed creating and painting her, and i tried out some new things in hopes of making the piece pop or stand out a little more. i added some texture to her dress and headband. i added some 3-dimensional pearls. and my favorite was the customized 3D border, masonite cut to the shape i wanted (thanks to my amazing, always willing to help dad who cut the masonite for me). in my opinion, it's definitely a piece that needs to be seen in person

the area between her chest and belly has some fun textures. 

more 3D pearls on her bracelt

and my favorite border, slightly above the actual 1EG painting

 the border alone, and the painting pre-border/frame:

i'll definitely be making more using some of these ideas in the future. 

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