Wednesday, June 29, 2011

her celestial body

this is my piece for the much anticipated "rockets, robots, and ray guns" show (see show info below).

i normally like to show the layers of my 3D paintings, but the layers in this one are especially hard to show.  there are 4 total layers (kind of..) but the most important (and my favorite) are the layers of the starry sky.  i used the layers and depth to create space. outer space. i know it's not uncommon or unique to say i've always been drawn to and have a life-long infatuation with the night sky, but i have and do. my first tattoo at age 17 was of little twinkling stars, when my consuming night sky obsession was at its highest. when i decided to make my cyborg 1EG (i think we can all guess why i chose a cyborg), it didn't take long to set my focus on a starry, spacey, galaxy-like atmosphere. it creates an effect you can only get in person, so come out to northern liberties in philly to see it while you can! we have an amazing artist participation list on this one, so come out to see for yourself.


"Rockets, Robots, and Ray-Guns" (a retro sci-fi gallery art show) by The Autumn Society will visually explore the sudden invasion of these machines into Earth culture. The Toothless Cat/ Jinxed in Philadelphia will be host the explosion event"

The walls of The Toothless Cat/Jinxed Gallery will explode with imagery as The Autumn Society presents another out of this world event: “Rockets, Robots, and Ray-Guns” (a retro sci-fi gallery art show). The show will feature over 30 pieces of art by local and national artists. All present their perspective and vision of the retro-sci fi imagery of Rockets, Robots, and Ray-Guns

The art show will be curated by local Philadelphia artist/illustrator, Paul Palcko (, known best for his clown paintings and Clowntastrophe! events. (A joint effort between Palcko and Psydde Delicious of Delicious Boutique)

“Rockets, Robots, and Ray-Guns” will be an amazing show of talent and retro sci-fi imagery-it’ll be a blast!” comments Autumn Society co-founder, Chogrin (who is also producing this event.)

Opening reception:
Friday July 1st, 2011. 6-10pm.
The Toothless Cat/Jinxed Gallery
Piazza at Schmidt’s
2nd and Germantown Ave.
Philadelphia 19123
(Northern Liberties section)


  1. gorgeous! the 3d comes across so well, and the spattering came out amazing. crazy about the gears as well

  2. thank you peter! i got a little worried about the gears as i did them..