Thursday, September 15, 2011

adult swim mural

in my search for photos of a different mural, i got a little reminiscent and nostalgic when i found photos of this mural.  during my freshman year of college, my sister and i were roommates and spent many memorable nights laughing to the cartoons of adult swim on cartoon network. with the help of our adoring parents, we painted a mural tribute to our favorite adult swim characters. ok joe wasn't our favorite, but we stuck him in anyway because he's in a wheelchair and wheelchairs were all the rage those days.

it was family fun time and a very fond memory that i'm sure i won't ever forget. it was a group effort where everyone helped out. even my dad... who just went out to buy the pizza to stuff our faces with while we did all the real hard work.  for those of you wondering how one paints a mural in a wheelchair, here's the unsafe, non-recommended, horrifying way to do so:

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