Tuesday, September 13, 2011

liberation skate

a while back i met kelsey arcoleo at a show i participated in. kelsey is the wonderful head of liberation skateboards. we chatted about his company and my art, and i'm psyched to get to collaborate with him. as part of their first "collaborative artist series, 2011" i made a design for one of their new boards. i can tell kelsey's always got his brain going with great ideas and constantly has things going on. i'm honored to be a part of something so genuine and passionate!

"liberation skateboards is an east coast bred label in skateboarding that is branded to represent freedom of expression through individualism and originality. we strive to provide a sense of release from the falsities that are given to skateboarding and a look at the creative and fruitful nature of it. we believe skateboarding is the soul of innovation, determination, and construction. skateboarder run and owned, we've come to the scene to deliver satisfactory freedom through honest and merit. out ethics are focused on keeping the true essence of skateboarding alive and nothing less."

browse around liberation skateboard's wesbite. there's info, news, products, etc and don't forget to check out the "TEAM" page, where you'll find the "ART" page, where you'll find a beautifully written (by kelsey) bio about me. i was touched by it and it makes me happy to read a bio about myself that i don't get embarrassed by. 

i'm not going to lie. i was a little nervous designing this since i've never done anything like this before. but i just kept to what and how i'd normally paint. hopefully i can continue to do this type of thing in the future, where i'll become a little more loose and get a little more frisky risky.

Pro Skateboard Shop now has Liberation Skateboards's "Collaborative Artist Series, 2011" boards at 1108 Main Street, Belmar, NJ and 702 Arnold Avenue, Point Pleasant, NJ. Swing by and get the one of a kind collection designed by the talents of Doug Z, Kasey Tararuj, and Mike Sledziona!
 Now at Standard Skate Shop, 76 Main St., Woodbridge, NJ is the Liberation Skateboards "Collaborative Artist Series, 2011" collection! North Jersey skateboarders, you should be visiting this finer skate shop to get these new rides while you can!

 more info on the boards and liberation skateboards soon !

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