Friday, September 2, 2011

cartoons, comics, cakes

yesterday was my first day back at work after a long, happy summer off, where i did not regret a single time i was up all hours of every night and fully slept most days away. the perks of working in a school. the last week or two before heading back, i was bombarded by a bunch of cakes and cupcakes to make, almost all at once.  here are the cartoon and comic related ones, i'll share the rest next week.

venture brothers cupcakes! tim and i hit our 4-year anniversary and since i didn't do the whole "gift-giving" thing i just made him cupcakes of a favorite tv show of his. brock's face is where you see my laziness the most, but the rest are fun.

spiderman for a friend. how do you make spiderman when you have no time? give him a hunchback..?  i apparently wasn't paying attention while i was drawing him, but let's just pretend that tumor on his back is normal.

for my buddy over at laughing boy comics, i made him a cake of his own characters. i kept them black and white to make them feel more comic-y. the snake's my personal favorite character.

here's a funny snippit snappit from laughing boy comics. the gang goes to the aquarium.  this is my favorite strip from this specific story. (read the full story starting here.)

Aquarium Adventure at the Adventure Aquarium Pt. 3

more cakes and cupcakes next week!

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