Thursday, September 29, 2011

grand opening (square peg round hole)

earlier this month was the grand opening of square peg round hole gallery in bordentown, nj. it was a full house, with some unique and fantastic art, lovely live music, an amazing facepainter (not me, for once. so i had to take advantage and get my face painted), and fun company.  my work was spread out throughout the cute little (but surprisingly big) gallery, a gallery i'm honored to be on display in since it's one i highly respect and legitimately enjoy the work being showcased. i have to thank the incredibly enthusiastic owner cindy for inviting me to join in her gallery.  i admire her passion and excitement for what she's done/doing.

not award-winning photos, but it's a great place at a great location in bordentown, nj. 212 farnsworth ave.  say hi to cindy, she's great to chat with. 
check it out.

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