Monday, September 26, 2011

dia de los burton

we hit france, and now we're heading to MEXICO!  the autumn society is having the amazing "the iconoclastic dead" show at galeria guru in mexico city! the show premieres october 1 and runs to the end of the month, october 31. i'm honored to be one of 40+ artists participating in this phenominal show.

the iconoclastic dead is a "Dia De Los Muertos" themed show where artists celebrate someone famous they admire that is either dead or alive in the "Muertos" fashion.
i chose to illustrate tim burton. although i initially grew as an artist admiring and looking up to salvador dali most of all, tim burton has slowly been advancing a step ahead in my heart. i'm beyond inspired by all that tim burton does. his vision and his ideas are unique and dark and confusing. everything i love. growing up, i was obsessed with his movies and when i became old enough to realize that there was much more to tim burton than movies, i was able to start appreciating his art and his mind.  it's like a weird distanced relationship that evolved from childhood to adulthood. this is just my weird, long, unnecessary way of saying he inspires me.

i designed my piece as a 3-dimensional piece. burton and the white border on one piece of glass, the floral pattern on another piece, are all raised about an inch above background with tge sandworm and skull. an additional bit of dimension is the swirly hill silhouette, which is placed about halfway between the top and bottom layers.  basically, there are a lot of layers going on and it looks pretty amazing in person. these photos absolutely do it no justice.

 initially, i wanted to include several characters from tim burton movies and his artwork, all designed in the day of the dead style. to keep a better flow to the pieces, i only featured the sandworm and some jack skellington heads.
trying to show the dimension in the piece, you can see below with the shadows..
Gurú Tienda Galería
Colima 143, LA ROMA
Mexico City, Mexico

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