Friday, September 9, 2011

animals and carnival cakes

last week, i showed you my cartoony half of the too-many-cupcakes i made at the end of my summer vacation. this is part 2 with the rest of the time/life consuming cupcakes i made at that same time.

i attempted the shark cupcakes from "hello, cupcake."  it didn't work out so well. twinkies dipped in hot icing where i burnt my fingers like crazy. fruit by the foot that for some reason were sliced into 3 small strips, causing troubles for the sharks' mouths. basically i got frustrated and just let whatever was going to happen, happen. when all was said and done i loooked at the mess of "sharks" and i added some goldfish with googly eyes and i felt better. i was amused.

 for the owner of a nice black cat, i took "hello, cupcake's cat design, originally meant for halloween, and with less yellows and oranges, they just look like nice little black kitties. made of melted dark chocolate with black sprinkles on top, the cats were kind of delicious.

 my sister gave me the coolest cake pan ever for my birthday. animals, where you could decorate however, with the option of putting scoops of ice cream in their mouths. going to try these again!

my aunt asked me to do a carnival cake for my cousin's birthday. i warned her it was going to look very homemade... but she agreed, so here is my very homemade-looking carnival cake. i stole the melted candy with sprinkles idea (from the black cats above) for the lion's mane. it looked furrier.

along with the carnival cake, were a ton of "popcorn" cupcakes. marshmallows with x's cut in them, yellow mist spray, and yellow gel spray for kernels. unbelievable hand cramps from cutting x's in a bag and a half of mini marshmallows, luckily i had my fantastic mamabear helping and cutting with me (most of them..)  i've seen popcorn cupcakes, but the best i found and fully copied was from my fellow tcnj/facebook friend susan hoppe, who i stalk because she makes awesome cakes!

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