Wednesday, August 4, 2010


right now i am watching ghostbusters and taking screen shots of the scenes i want to recreate for the 3G show in LA.  the 3G show is a show by the autumn society at gallery 1988 in september.  ungodly excited for this show, where each artist has a piece for each of the great 80's movies ghostbusters, goonies, and gremlins.  3 classic favorites of mine (and i assume everyone else alive)

sometimes i feel like i'm in physical pain when i have to choose between so many different amazing ideas. i want to do them all. i'm considering a montage of different scenes, but sometimes less is more, and in this case, i think i need to focus on only one.  it's actual torture to accept that i will probably only be making a single scene.... i have 10 screen shots and i'm only a half hour in the movie..

it's killing me.  and as sad as it is, i'm 24, have seen ghostbusters a hundred times, and i'm still sitting here creeped out by myself creeped out by the beginning

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