Monday, August 30, 2010

turning japanese

i went to philly this weekend to check out the turning japanese show, which meant i went to pick up my pieces, and one sold weee. most of the show was already down so i "borrowed" these photos from the autumn society's blog. i just like to have photos of any and every place my art shows, no matter how big or small. cool show overall. while we were in philly, we checked out the black light show at smile gallery.  tim knew someone in the show, so we stopped by.  it was nice and awkward considering it was open, yet the door was locked and everything was shut off.  so we waited patiently outside while the man opened and turned on the lights, then i had to be carried up a long but narrow flight of stairs.  gallery was teeny tiny. the idea of a black light art show is awesome, but the work was kind of lacking.  i did enjoy a couple pieces, but i horribly regret forgetting to check out the black light show in trenton not long ago. 

 i would really love to make artwork meant to be seen under a black light. so many possibilties.

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