Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the giant it

here is the second of 3 paintings for the autumn society's 3G show at gallery 1988. ghostbusters, goonies, and gremlins! like i said, the difficulty of photographing this properly combined with my lack of photographing skills resulted in an unfortunate poor visual of my painting!  remember, it is a "3D" painting; a painting in layers; sloth painted on glass about an inch away from the background painting.  dimension!


final parts:


my reasons!  my initial idea for my goonies painting was going to be of the wishing well, but that was the extent of my planning.  i watched the movie to expand that idea, but ended up finding a shot of sloth in his chains. it's the first scene mikey (and we) see him, and it was so dramatic and beautiful that i wanted to paint it.  i just loved the light coming through the window, the way it his his face and hands, and the black shadows it created.


tried again to show depth via photo, again didn't work, but try to visualize!
 seriously. way better in person. go to california to see it.  take me with you.

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