Wednesday, August 18, 2010

library presence

here is the first of 3 paintings for the autumn society's 3G show at gallery 1988.  ghostbusters, goonies, and gremlins!  unfortunately, they were extremely hard to photograph, and since i'm already pretty horrible at taking pictures, these are the best i could do. i really believe they look a 90% better in person, so take that into consideration before judging me.


final piece!  this is why it was hard to photograph.  it's a painting in layers. i painted the library background first. then on a sheet of glass, i painted the drawers and flying papers.  since this was the first, it was also my test piece, where i learned how it's a hundred times easier to paint the glass BEFORE the background. live and learn. so what you can't see in the photo is that there is about an inch or so of space between the library background and the drawers/papers. basically a 3D painting, reminds me almost of a shadowbox, except way cooler.  it's hard to imagine without seeing it, but just pretend you can see the depth in the photograph and think it's awesome.

so about the actual painting.  this one is for ghostbusters, and i wanted to some something subtle rather than just a picture of the men in uniform or slimer, or gozer (who i still really, really want to paint as 1EG, with terror dogs. ohhhhh).  this idea was the initial thought i had when i first heard about the show, so i went with my gut even after a dozen other ideas. i'm worried people won't get it, which will either be because you're not a TRUE ghostbuster fan, or because i didn't execute it well enough. i'm hoping if people don't get it, it's because they're crappy fans. this is, however, my favorite scene in the movie. the opening scene in the library, which still sends shivers down my spine.  floating books, flying cards, opening drawers, and that goddamn creepy music.  i'm actually getting creeped out thinking about it (may be because it's 2:30 am and i'm scared of everything at night).  so this is the librarian walking down the aisle as the card catalogs slowly open by themselves and cards start visciously zipping out of the drawers. 

it's scary, and i don't care what anyone says. and let me tell you. this painting gave me the biggest headache of my life.  all those shelves. all those drawers. all those books. i'm not one for being "precise" or "neat" when it comes to painting, and this was painful for me. so much time, so much thought. THIS is why my brain hurt. i'm so relieved now.

some details:

 trying to show the depth below... but you really still can't see it..

i swear, it looks so much cooler in person.  go to california and see it!

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