Thursday, August 5, 2010


fun one! i threw paint on top of paint on top of paint until i painted the girl, or whatever, over top.  i painted this in the middle of the night recently. it started off semi-normal, until i started watching zombieland, and although it's not really a zombie at all, i guess it was influenced by them.  i'm liking the quick late-night paintings more than anything else lately, i assume mostly because of the fun, not so much the outcomes.

i'm also excited to find out my one-eyed girl sculpture was accepted into TCNJ's art alumni exhibition. i wasn't sure how they'd feel about the 1EG series so it was a nice surprise. i loooove their new art building so i'm psyched i get to be in their new gallery. i'd kill to be in school again. opens sept 15, with opening reception oct 1 !

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