Friday, August 13, 2010


my brain's fried from my 3G pieces.  ghostbusters, my biggest headache, is finally, finally done.  and i'm ungodly relieved i was able to finish goonies last night as well.  so i felt the need to paint this after. there's really no thought in it at all (its purpose) except i was thinking about following tim home this morning from his house in the light rain, and he randomly decided to swirve and plow off the on-ramp road towards (but thankfully not into) a bunch of trees and bushes.  followed by cops who happened to be driving by and stopped in the middle of the highway to run to him. even knowing he was okay, i still got really scared and semi-emotional, i don't think i can handle trauma very well. anyway, i painted this in only about 10 minutes, hence the crappy painting job, the cliche-ness, and the fact that you can't even make out what half the objects in the raindrops are.  but it was fun to paint after the oh so carefully planned out paintings i've been spending every waking our on all week.

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