Tuesday, August 3, 2010

the yosemite disaster

as of last week, i've "officially" been with tim for 3 years. no need for presents so we just make each other stuff cause we're artsy.  i used this as a chance to test out the painting on top of photographs on canvas (the practice pieces i mentioned for the ultrasound).  thought it'd be fun to print out some photos we took during our trip to california this past april and paint cartoony characters of us.  this is the first of two that i did, my favorite view from our day in yosemite.  tim was unfortunately horribly sick that day thanks to an awesome tooth infection that ruined the first few days of our cali trip.  so here we are at yosemite, i was overwhelmed with excitment! and tim...overwhelmed with pain and misery. it's funny...

ps- don't ask me why i'm standing.  i started painted me too high up didn't know how to fix it so i just painted in legs. awkwaaaard

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