Thursday, May 27, 2010

3E Love

like my other posts this week, here's a random sci-related (mostly regarding pain) painting from 2006. 

more of the abilities expo! tim and i came across the 3E Love booth. we bought some apparel because we liked the symbol, and slapped on some sweet temporary tattoos. but we didn't even know what it was really all about or how it got started. of course i looked it up online when i got home.  here are our fake tattoos. we're romantic.

"3E Love is a disability awareness clothing line and marketing company founded in 2007 by siblings Annie and Stevie Hopkins and their family & friends. The mission of the company is simple; to create and market products and services that embrace living life no matter the obstacles, and by doing so, educate society and empower those with disabilities to love life."

"3E Love, LLC. and it's properties are the creation of the late Anne Hopkins (1984-2009), who as an advocate, entrepreneur, artist, and student, demonstrated what is possible when you love life. Anne's accomplishments in her academic, social, and family life were vast and will be remembered dearly, but her spirit and message can live on forever through the work she left for others to finish."

you can learn more about 3elove on their website, and i encourage you to read more about annie and the company, and also to buy lots of crap.  it's fantastic. when we got the fake tattoos, i kind of fell in love with the look of its simplicity on my skin and i am considering getting it permanently somewhere on my body.. i've been wanting to design a cooler "handicap" logo as a personal project but this is too perfect, and cuter than anything i would've come up with. although we didn't spend too much time at their booth, everyone, including founder stevie, seemed extremely nice and friendly. very cool company

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