Monday, May 10, 2010

happy mother's day!

i made this for my mom for mother's day. mama elephant and 3 trailing babies.  first baby is my oldest sister with the evil eye because she likes to terrorize people. second baby is huge-smile middle sister. and baby sleepy me, on wheels of course. i'm going to do this as a huge painting but i figured a small drawing would be better for my mom since i'm sure she doesn't need giant cartoon elephants to find a spot for.

we spent mother's day at the azalea fest, facepainting and selling artwork. it was freezing, super sleepy, looked like a trainwreck, super dehydrated, and didn't really get to socialize with.. anyone.  BUT it was fun, got to show lots of artwork, sold some prints, painted lots of attention-span-less kids, and painted a very special twenty-some year old's full face as a skeleton. the wind was unearthly but our stand held up well. we (aka my mom) finally i figured out the best way to set up and display work at our stand.  learn more and better ways every time.

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  1. very cute kasey! you have great ideas..i adore your work..amazed by it actually. - judy