Wednesday, May 12, 2010

mockery series: the lone lighthouse

so a few weeks.. or months (?) ago, i wanted to start a series of 1-night quick paintings to break myself from the commissioned art i am always doing.  something to just keep me grounded so i don't go insane doing all artwork for others, rather than myself.  i was in the bathroom one night and i zoned out on some cliche lighthouse painting my mom has hanging up.  my mom loves that crap. i kind of despise artwork of landscapes.. of fruit.. of flowers.. basically any boring cliche you can think of that everyone in the world has hanging in their boring houses .... no offense... so as my little exercise i am basically just copying existing "boring" paintings and making them creepy or discusting or whatever i feel like.  this was the first. unforunately i haven't  made any more yet, though i have lots of ideas. i was going to wait to post this one until i had more, but i have no idea when i'll make another one, and got impatient

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