Friday, May 28, 2010


last sci painting of the week, from 2008. still pretty obsessed with it..

one last contraption we found at the expo was the flexiciser.  it's pretty awesome. i can stay in my wheelchair and exercise.  huge part of the reason i hate exercising is getting in and out of stupid machines.  i despise all the set up.  this would be perfect.  you just strap your feet in and go. once strapped in, you start the motor and it moves your legs for you. although you can apparently also get an upper body work out with it as well.  but here is the benefits from it:

"•Improve recovery time.
•Maintain muscles in paralyzed limbs
•Protect skin from pressure sores
•Gain greater control over bladder and bowel function.
•Promote muscle balance & coordination.
•Increase stamina and strength.
•Prevent atrophy
•Improve circulation: Cardiovascular and Pulmonary.
•Improve range of motion & joint flexibility.
•Promote digestion & colon health.
•Feel better and accomplish your daily activities."

i think it's a pretty good one. like everything else i want, it's also very expensive.  why aren't i rich yet? check out this video to get a better look of what the marchine looks like and how it works.  i'm too lazy to look for a better video, but this one's short and gives you the idea.

blogger won't let me post this video for some reason, but if you're interested:

i still have more exciting stories and inventions to show from the expo.. just a few more.. next week (or whenever i feel like..)

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