Tuesday, May 25, 2010


here is an old SCI related painting from 2006...just for the sake of showing art on an art blog.  but onto the more important part:

first and foremost.  both tim and i thought that this was the by far the coolest invention we saw at the abilities expo this weekend.  i will wait for one of my millions of generous readers to buy it for me now.  NuDrive. i tried it out at the expo show, holy crap. what a fun time. not only is it fun to use, it also "reduces the force needed to self-propell by up to 40%," "reduces the risk of shoulder degradation and injury by shifting shoulder loading," and what i didn't even realize till i checked it out online, it protects hands/wrists and improves hygiene.  i don't even want to know how dirty my hands are from pushing around all day and touching my wheels that touch the nastiest grounds (gross). it also is incredibly easy to attach and detach, to use, and seems easy to pick up on with enough practice. i want it. oh what a glorious day it would be to have a chair that's easier to push on stupid, annoying surfaces.  so check out the cheesetastic video below and see how this fantastic contraption works.

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