Wednesday, May 5, 2010

forbidden ocean love: salty and humpster

salty the walrus and humpster the humpback whale. finally finished! so here they are, painted and adorable. humpster is pretty damn cute when you look at him upside down.. (or rightside up..) you should just turn your head and look at the pic above upside down. you'll get what i mean. if you do it. do it! he looks happier. i want to make a brand new humpster on his own, facing the right way, but i'd rather make brand new ones.

don't forget where these guys came from! the old dove statue i found. excited. and i hope lots of people looked as stupid as i did trying to turn their heads upside down to see humpster rightside up on their computer screens

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a few more salty humpster view here

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