Wednesday, May 26, 2010


a 2007 sci-related drawing. to go with my sci-related post. close enough. i want a bike!

i really don't know much about these things, i don't know if there are different types or brands or anything at all....and seeing as there's little to no chance of me getting one any time soon, i don't really care.  what i do know is that i would kill for one right now.  last year's abilities expo was the first time i actually took a minute to check out a handcycle. although i was unwillingly forced to test one out, i ended up in love with it, and i've been wanting one ever since.  they are flat out fun to ride and a good source of some exercise. i've done the "arm bike" exercise crap that you put on a table top and just works your arms, but never a full bike that you ride and steer. i just keep picturing myself riding around the parks in hamilton on sunny breezy days. mmmm. and getting lots of obvious stares from moronic strangers, followed by me ramming them in the ankles and splitting their shins in two.... anyway! i didn't test drive one this year at the expo, but i did admire them from afar and long for them to be in my arms. the thing that bugs me the most is that if i were to get one, i would never be able to use it on my own terms.  i don't think i could physically take it out by myself, and i don't think i would even want to alone.. which means i'd have to rely on someone else to use it.. which means if they don't want to.. i'm screwed, and there goes a couple grand out the window, and a sad, sad kc. but that's besides the point. since my wheelchair is purple, i'd like my handcycle to be hot pink. i will be anxiously waiting for some sweet generous stranger to buy me one for my birthday in july. 

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