Monday, May 17, 2010

sealife kritters...again!

corky the blowfish!  my favorite fish, by far, are pufferfish.  specifically porcupine puffers. i used to have a tank full of them, and other types of puffers. they were absolutely fantastic and had way too much personality for being a fish.  i was in heaven... until i got more fish, who came with fun diseases and killed my entire tank. i gave up after that. i miss them. this is my generic blowfish.  i'll make a porcupine puffer kaotic kritter in the future, maybe even all the types of puffers i had, in memory of my happier days with a tank full of friendly puffers.

and this little guy is squiggles the octopus. this is definitely a sketch in painting form. very, very quick and sloppy.  i had some piece of cardboard from a poptart box lying around that i had painted, probably about my sophomore year of college. don't ask me why i saved it for so about 4-5 years. i got the urge to paint on it last week... obviously without much thought or effort

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