Tuesday, October 12, 2010

3G gallery pictures

i don't know why blogger decided to let me post photos now, but that means less rambling and more pictures for you!  here are a few from the autumn society's 3G show last month. i asked mr. mattgabe to drop by and take some photos since i couldn't make it out there. i'm excited to see more of the layout of the show and where mine were placed exactly. love!

my three pieces hanging in gallery 1988 in los angeles !
i know i've posted them a hundred times, but again here they are from left to right: 
hi-ho movies (gremlins)
library presence (ghostbusters) sold to seth green (!)
the giant it (goonies) sold  :)

you can't see well in the picture above (try clicking for larger?), but all the way on the left are some of my favorites, peter wonsowski pieces. he's fantastic so check out his other work here

(that ecto1 painting  is by paul palcko , who also has awesome paintings, by the way)

horray! now we can all feel like we've been to LA and seen the amazing show full of all our favorite childhood movies. you're welcome.  (and thank you mattyo)


  1. you are seriously the nicest most awesome ever! thanks for the kind words, they mean the world to me, and most importantly congrats on all your well deserved awesome success!

  2. no problem, and thank you! i'm become obsessed with your work more with every new piece i see!