Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween!

happy halloween!

 i started this sketch a few days ago on a train home from new york, until interrupted by a man who started a long conversation with my mom and me for the rest of the ride home. he was curious about me and my story because in 2009, his son was in a car accident due to black ice that resulted in him also in a wheelchair.  he was a really nice and positive man, who just kept telling me to never give up. he also kept saying how difficult it is for the parents (even more difficult, so he says) since they just want to see their kids get better so badly. i get it, but it's still really strange to hear from the parents point of view sometimes. the man's son has already recovered a great amount in only a year, so good for him, and best of luck to them.

time to make halloweeny treats and finish my horror-movie-watching. after spending the month watching friday the 13th (part 1-8), and nightmare on elm street (1-7), i'm finishing with freddy vs. jason. followed by SAW 3D later tonight with tim, the 7th and last saw movie to (sadly) end our tradition of seeing the new saw every year on halloween together since 2005. i know no one cares about my movie watching, but i get excited...