Monday, October 11, 2010

alumni / tattoo

greetings. blogger hates me and has refused to let me post photos since last week. i was bedridden all of  last week while i was sick desperately trying to get well in time for a very important and long awaited weekend of tattoos and comic con, so i didn't feel like dealing with it. i'm better now, and i still can't figure it out. i'm going to destroy something.

october 1 was the reception for tcnj's art alumni show. i dropped by, chatted with some fellow alumni and professors. i of course lived up to my awkward reputation during these conversations, as well as for two interviews, that i didn't want to do, for wtsr (the college radio station) and the signal (the college magazine or newspaper?) i need to learn some basic normal "talking" skills. some day. the best part was someone telling me that people even wanted to take their picture with my sculpture....followed by a little girl (who i assume is the "people" mentioned) wanting her picture taken with me and my piece. pretty adorable, but even more adorable was the little boy who asked me which piece was mine. after i told him, he ran to it, and ran back with a white sheet of people and asked for my autograph. i officially became famous when i signed my name... under the list of the other artists' signatures. i hope he frames it and keeps it forever. close to his heart.

october 8 was my much anticipated tattoo appointment.  i was worried all week that i wouldn't be well enough to go, considering i couldn't even sit up without getting dizzy, losing my breath, and panting like a little puppy. luckily i got better in time. i was a champ, and i even went all by myself like a big girl. 2.5-3 hours later, i'm officially a rockstar! it is basically from my shoulder to my elbow and the lines and shading came out pretty much exactly how i had hoped. it's beautiful. i was pretty sure my parents were going to disown me, but you'll be happy to know they didn't. although they aren't happy with me at all, my dad did admit (by whispering to my mom only) that it looks cool, so now i get to hold that over his head for the rest of my life. the following day i went to new york comic con, where i got tons of compliments in a short time. that obviously just verifies that it's the greatest tattoo of all time.. granted there were thousands and thousands of people.. but that's completely besides the point.. i loves it. on another note, there were tons of awesome artists set up at comic con, and i plan on sharing a few great ones here.

i'll post pictures of exhibits, tattoo, artists, and artwork, if i can ever figure out these crazy internet shenanigans. if not, i guess i'll just write more like today's, a bunch of crap no one cares about like a little high school online diary...except all art/disability-related, which is what i know we all want to be reading about these days.


  1. Dear Kasey,
    Your writing is fantastic. Why do you think I saved all the notes you passed during class?
    Can I have fry?,

  2. annick! thank you! hahah i'm willing to bet all those notes are about "lumberjack" or "donkey kong" or the other unattractive boys we had crushes on

  3. Us attracted to unattractive men? Never!