Tuesday, October 19, 2010

anonymous friend

my blog yet again won't let me post pictures, so i'm finishing this post i started some time ago.

i was recently publicly bashed on an art blog that i belong to. the blog is a place for artists to share their work and give/receive feedback. i always post my pieces for the themed shows that i participate in, as do all the other artists in each of those same shows. someone left an anonymous comment on my last post, fully bringing down my work and my style. in so many words, they went on about how in each themed show, my style kills my concepts; my figures are a horrible attempt to develop a style; and basically flat out said i can't draw with their quote "a wise man once told me you have to know how to draw before you can choose to disregard anatomy to obtain style."  i'm not sure where to even begin on this.

first of all, if you're ballsy enough to tell an artist that they have no talent, at least have the courage to write your name. if my work bothers you that much to the point that you feel the need to tell me directly, tell me your name. don't be a coward.

second, i'm all about bashing artwork.  i (can be) one of the snobbiest people when it comes to criticizing art, and a lot of the time i don't even have a reason to dislike. all that is, is a matter of opinion. i have my own preferences and tastes, just like everyone else does.  an artist can create something beautifully executed, and i just don't like it; whereas an artist could show me work with a poor outcome, yet i'll still be able to at the least appreciate it, depending on the artist/situation. in all of my art bashing over the years, it has always been a matter of like or dislike. everyone has torn apart someone's artwork before, whether admitting or not, but in private. and i'm the first to understand that. it is okay to dislike someone's art, and it's okay for this anonymous friend to dislike mine..if he had done so in private. unless....

third, there is a very distinct difference between criticism and constructive criticism. in the midst of all my art hating rants and bashing, i have never been malicious or cruel; in that i would never criticize a hardworking artist to their face and tell them what they are doing is horrible. unless it was followed by something constructive. i'm all about constructive criticism for artwork because that is what makes an artist truly learn and grow. it's surprisingly tough to progress as an artist without that element. but this anonymous person gave no form of constructive criticism whatsoever. i would have appreciated my anonymous friend's comment, if only they had wanted to be helpful. instead, i appreciate if in the future, they keep their comments to themselves. there was no reason for mr anonymous to attack my work like that without including even a single suggestion on how to make it better. 

overall i just found the comment rude and was a little taken back by it. i'd love any feedback on  my work,  both positive or negative, but you, my anonymous friend, need to learn some manners.

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