Tuesday, October 26, 2010

costumes part 1 !

for those of you who are dressing up for halloween, but don't quite have that amazing costume yet, here are some past ideas of mine(and others).  and how to do it. 

...except, you can't really redo our ideas because you won't be nearly as cool as us. but here we go.

first up is from everyone's favorite cartoon, the itchy and scratchy show! these are some of the coolest simpsons costumes i've ever seen, and i'm allowed to say that without sounding conceited because my generous mom devoted her time to helping us out. she basically took over our costume project and put her heart and soul into sewing up the costumes herself while we sat and enjoyed hours and hours of laughter with the simpsons. that's a lie, but she did way more than us. 

tim and i came up with these costumes in '07 while tim was still working for a stuffed animal company. that means they had hundreds of giant stuffed animals from all different popular shows and movies. after sending me some decent ideas, tim sent me the idea to do itchy and scratchy and it was instant excitement. we were planning on just cutting holes through them and wearing them almost like t-shirts, but my crazy, but brilliant mom got involved. we had a confetti party while removing all the stuffing from the bodies of the toys.. which you can see the excitement from my sister in the picture on the right. of course it wasn't just fluffy stuffing, but lots and lots of tiny little styrofoam balls. needless to say, it was a huge mess. but we had fun. 

tim and i bought gray and blue t-shirts to match the color of our characters and my mom proceeded to sew the empty bodies to the front of the shirts. after ripping off their heads, my mom took some fabric to fit our heads and sewed it inside the toy heads so we could wear them like hats. that's basically it, along with some store-bought weapons. so if you want to be a cartoon character, find a stuffed animal and wear it for halloween! but like i said, ours is better.

next, are the universal monsters. in '08, we were invited to a wedding on halloween and came up with the group costume idea of universal monsters, but all dressed up nice and formally for the wedding. we have phantom of the opera, mummy, wolfman, bride of frankenstein, and inivisble man, all dressed in our finest. i can't say much about how everyone else's costumes were made, since i had no part in it (if any of you ever read this, feel free to comment with your costume escapades)... and technically there's not much i can tell you about how to make mine and tim's (bride and wolfman) that you couldn't figure out yourself. but i'm using it as an excuse to post our amazing group.  bride of frankenstein was made with a creepy red dress we had lying around in a halloween box in the attic, but any dress could obviously be used for this. i ripped apart some netting and pinned it all over the dress to make it look more old and horrorish. the rest was just pale make up and a horribly itchy store bought wig that i spent a lot of time trimming the bangs and hair spraying to make it actually look like a nice hairdo like in the picture, instead if looking like it's been stuck and tangled in a bag for 3 months.  wolfman was a bunch of nice clothes bought from the thrift store, altered with holes torn and fur glued in place- in legs, arms, vest. complete with a cute, red bowtie. his long werewolf gloves were store bought, but his face was the best part. lots of brown fur/hair glued to his face, surrounded by and blended by lots of facepaint. he was pretty impressive to me

so these aren't the most original in the world, but you have to admit it's a fantastic idea for a wedding and when all together, we looked pretty awesome. or maybe i just get overly excited over things, especially halloweeny things.
i made a painting based on these monster costumes (of tim and me), so check out the post from last year to see pictures.

tomorrow i'll post pictures of halloween costumes where i used my wheelchair to my advantage and to enhance my costume ideas.  the fun has only just begun!

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