Wednesday, October 20, 2010

TCNJ Art Alumni Exhibition!

my 1EG3D sculpture standing tall and pround!
i dropped by tcnj to check out the alumni exhibition a second time a few days before it ended, so i could take some pictures. pictures without lots of random people crowding around making awkward conversation. i've pretty much summed up the how the reception went in a post a few weeks ago, but i didn't take note of the artwork.  for the most part, i surprisingly enjoyed the work. normally i'm baffled at the types of pieces that are accepted into shows, i'm assuming that's because most of the accepted work in so many past shows i've seen just aren't my style whatsoever. this was a good one, it was very diverse and had some really special pieces on display.

next to my 1EG, was mattyo's (matthew gabe) hoyle gaming suite, seen below.  mattyo's been kicking butt with hot wheels these days

michelle nugent graduated a year after me.  she's always been overflowing with talent. some of her great pieces below:

 i just like this one because of how i felt like picking off those sheets of papers, even though it's a fully 2D oil painting.  michael pyrdsa, alumni of '78

 i graduated with dave sankey and always admired his work since freshman year. i was happy to see his pieces in the show, especially this one below:

these are my probably my favorites. eric gibbons of '90.  the fact that these oil paintings legitimately look like photographs is highly impressive. i just loved looking at them.. (in person)

if you missed the show, well now you've seen it.  maybe next time get up off your tush and go see the show in person the way the art gods had intended! i was very excited to have the opportunity to exhibit my work in the new beautiful gallery, in the new even more beautiful art building.

the show came and went, and i can't wait for the next show to come and go, and another to come and go. a vicious (yet inconvenient) cycle that i hope never ends. as long as i keep getting to show my work i'm happy.

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