Monday, October 18, 2010

halloween cakes!

my blog is a horrible disappointment (to myself) lately. i am sorry, self. i haven't had much to post (or time)since i've been sick.  i've been working on artwork and projects (not yet ready to be posted), halloween costumes, and other halloweeny festivities...including a very upsetting day spent in dorney park this past weekend for their "dorney haunt," a day i'll be posting about when i can find the dozen of hours needed to write about how incredibly isolated and truly disabled the park made me feel.

i'm hoping to be posting lots of halloweeny stuff the next 2 weeks, but it will mostly be horrible failed attempts, like today's, to be crafty and artistic. i hope i can at least squeeze in one new halloweeny drawing or painting. it's the greatest time of year!  

i must apologize for today's post. i really wanted to attempt again to decorate a cake by making the design with the star patterns(the dabs of stars! i don't know what it's actually called.) i had the wrong king of icing last time i tried with my futurama cakes, which resulted in no star patterns, but i got it this time! unfortunately, this time my actual design took a horrible turn for the worst. when i asked my family if they knew who it was, the guesses i received were: "tim? zombie? frankenstein?" and random guesses like that.  IF you haven't guessed yet, the sad truth is it's michael myers. i know, i know, not my best work. every year my buddy brian and i watch the original halloween because it's a classic. it's a fun tradition that i love sharing with him every year in october. this year we baked halloweeny cakes and cupcakes while watching part 1 and 2. i plan on making more halloween treats before the month's over. i promise they will be infinitely better. i'm posting this so i can inspire someone, anyone to go grab a bowl of popcorn, and bask in the amazingness that is the original halloween movie, and if you get the chance, check out rob zombie's halloween remake (only the first one).  enjoy!

(my "michael myers" cake and brian's halloween cupcakes)


  1. I knew it was Michael Myers as soon as I saw it. I think you did well.

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