Thursday, October 21, 2010


time for more halloween festivities.  i (almost) made a real attempt to actually sculpt a pumpkin this year. all that light orange you see was the beginning of my genius pumpkin idea.  but as usual, i got bored and ended up carving it quickly and impatiently. i should be better at this and should have more patience since i'm supposedly artsy. i've never been able to carve a pumpkin without getting painfully bored halfway through. i think it's the initial cleaning part, getting rid of the insides, that gets me.  but here's my dude. he's kinda cute.

tim and i decided to carve an additional pumpkin to our usual one each. like i said, i was already bored and i don't think he was too into it at that point. but this is what we came up with, and i think he's better than both of ours. love those big, stupid teeth and tiny, little eyes. he's our love pumpkin. our masterpieces together: (from left to righgt) ours, mine, and tim's ghost coming out of the grave (RIP) adorable

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