Tuesday, April 19, 2011

3B pieces !

 here they are all together!

the autumn society's "3B show" featuring back to the future, bill and ted's excellent adventure, and beetlejuice
may 5 at gallery 1988 venice in santa monica, california

back to the future (part 2):

bill and ted's (bogus journey):


be sure to read about each individual piece here!

i love pop-art that illustrates individual characters from movies (etc) in all different people's creative styles, but what i really love most are the ones that bring you back to your favorite scenes and moments, the ones that give you that happy, tingly, nostalgic feeling in your tummy.  i'll get excited over basically any artwork dealing with movies i love, but the ones portraying specific scenes really get me. with these and past pieces, i've actually given myself this feeling, and i genuinely hope i can give that to some other crazy fans out there too! i am inexplicably excited to head to california for the 3B show opening, and especially excited to see everyone's beetlejuice pieces in person.  be sure to check out all the 3B pieces here to see the variety, uniqueness, and awesomeness of everyone's work.


  1. You are an amazing artist and a beautiful person ~ inside and out! Good luck in California!

  2. Thumbs up dude, good looking images....I've got to get cracking and post up my 3B teasers...


  3. thank you both!!

    and can't wait to see your pieces!