Friday, April 22, 2011

cupcake mania

cupcakes galore! a little break from the artsiness to bring you some decorating attempts. that pretty little lady bug is the very first decorating i've actually gotten paid for. the smash cake. when i started this i hadn't considered being paid. it's a full on hobby, which thrills me. who wouldn't want to get paid for extra practice?

the cats and fish are from the hello, cupcake and what's new, cupcake? books.  i did these strictly for fun one day. i changed some colors and improvised a bit, but they came out kinda cool.

the flowers are from hello, newsletter. i made them for a friend who was returning to work after 2 weeks. i was a little embarassed to bring them to work since i wasn't exactly thrilled with the results. i changed the colors and didn't fully follow the directions so they aren't perfect.... but still pretty, no? i was told by one guy that they were the greatest cupcakes ever eaten in is life, but i think he was just trying to be nice. technically, i think every cupcake is the greatest cupcake i've ever eaten in my life
i'm on spring break, i'm allowed to have crappy posts this week. it's my first real spring break since high school (college spring break totally do not count.)

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